What better way to dust off the old blog than a post about angst. As a long time online learner and now instructor / instructional designer, I see (and feel) a lot of online learning angst … most of it having something to do with MOOCs, a concept I have followed closely and watched evolve ever since my experience in David Wiley's Introduction to Open Education in 2007, my observations of the pioneering efforts of Alec Couros to open up the walled gardens in early 2008, and in following the Connectivism MOOC later in 2008. Rightly or wrongly (it feels wrongly at the moment), I haven't spent much effort recently dissecting my perceptions of this angst, most likely because my contemplative platform on EdTechWeekly … and this blog … have gone dark. However, I have also been silent because it has become extremely hard for me to integrate my conceptions of online learning, open education … and yes, even MOOCs … that I developed over years within a small echo chamber with the conceptions that are bombarding me now that the masses have arrived. While many of the words are the same, the definitions, missions, perceptions, visions, etc. are decidedly different and it is pains me to have to parse, quantify, and qualify those differences in order to engage in this enlarged conversation. It requires me to step back (years back) and re-think / re-imagine with a different audience, one that doesn't knowingly nod at my snarky sighs and comments. Therefore, I'm posing a challenge to myself … to re-engage in the conversation … and this is my start (I hope).

σκυλοτροφη Οι σκυλοτροφες, οπως η ξηρα τροφη για σκυλους, οι κονσέρβες για σκυλουσς και οι λιχουδιές για σκυλους, αποτελούν οτι χρειάζεται καθημερινά ο σκύλος σας. Το barfing ή ωμοφαγία ειναι να ταϊζουνε τον σκυλο μας ωμο κρεας. Τα petshop ειναι Online μαγαζια που εχουν τροφές και οτι αλλο χρειαζεται ο σκυλος σας και τα υπολοιπα κατοικιδια. Οι ρατσες σκυλων ειναι παρα πολλες. Για καθε ρατσα υπαρχουν διαφορετικα προιοντα σκυλων. Τα κουταβια ειναι τα μικρα σκυλακια που μπορεις να τα αγορασεις απο τα petshop αγορα σκυλου.