Web Annotation Tool: jkn.com

Here is a very cool "discovery" ... by signing up at jkn.com and downloading a Firefox (or IE, if you are so inclined) add-on, you can make comments and annotations to any web page. The web page snapshot with annotations can then be e-mailed, posted in a web page or blog, printed, saved or bookmarked (say, in del.icio.us). What a great resource for a teacher to provide web site feedback to students or for a student to keep notes directly on a web site! Very cool and extremely user friendly. Set up took 2 minutes! Nice ... they just need to work on the name :)

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I'm looking for a tool that

I'm looking for a tool that does this work but where can i download this addon, the site mentioned above is closed, but if it's addon for fireox maybe it's available on the firefox site.العاب

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That is funny! I saw your diigo post this morning and thought the timing was weird.

I haven't had a chance to try out the group feature yet, so I joined the EdTechTalk group so I get a feel for it. Thanks!

So funny!

I wrote my diigo post today AFTER I read your comments. Too funny! Diigo really seems to be awesome. I've moved all of my del.icio.us and Furl links over to it and set up a group for EdTechTalk - see http://groups.diigo.com/groups/edtechtalk. Feel free to join it if you would like! 

Jennifer Maddrell

Another option for website annotation

Diigo is another tool that does some of the same types of functions. You can highlight text on a page and add "sticky notes." You can forward your annotations to others, too. They recently added a groups feature which should facilitate multiple people leaving notes on the same page and sharing links with each other, but I haven't used it yet.

The service isn't perfect; their last major upgrade was very problematic. They don't do a good job of communicating service outages, either. I'm hoping that this will improve in the future and that they will make their next upgrade smoother, but I'm continuing to save all my bookmarks in del.icio.us and Furl just in case. (One of the nice features is that when you save to diigo, you can automatically save to other services too. I feel better having all these resources in multiple places.)

I do like diigo's daily blog post better than del.icio.us'. That's one of the main reasons I'm still using it even though there are technical glitches to work out. Being able to automatically include quotes from sites in the linkroll makes it a more interesting read, IMO, than just the short comment that del.icio.us posts.