Twitter Interview Draft Read to Go

Just waiting now to hear if I have HSR approval to send out the interview. I tossed up the interview questions on SurveyMonkey last night and it should take participants around 15 minutes to answer the questions. I made each question a "required" response, but all they have to do is put a character in each box to flip through. From past experience, I am seeing the need to make questions required as I could end up with nothing for the effort. I also am allowing participants to return to the survey, but I will eventually cut it off when it is time to analyze. If they click on the link, they go right back to where they left off.

I used an online random number generator and linked the number to the numbered list of user names (sorted by alphabet). Probably overkill, but I was tempted to throw out the surveys to those names I recognized ... bad researcher! I'm sending out 10 interview requst at first in hopes of getting 3 back and I'll continue sending out invites until 3 respond. Who knows, maybe I will end up sending out to all 499 :)