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EdStartup101 Introduction Part II

I wanted to expand on my video introduction to attempt to clarify a few of my remarks that didn't exactly hit the mark when I listened back to my on-the-fly video. I said (or tried to say) something along the lines of, "our virtual network has been good at starting conversations about issues, but they haven't seemed to be as effective as a means to implement solutions" ... or something like that.

I think an example would help to illustrate my point. As I mentioned in my intro, I've hung out my freelance shingle and I've been pleasantly surprised at the ease in which potential projects (or problems / needs / opportunities) have come my way. Seems the world has lots and lots of issues / problems / needs / gaps / opportunities looking for solutions. However, as one lonely gal sitting in my home office in Chicago ... I am quickly realizing that collaboration is essential to take on the projects that I want to do ... and projects that real live actual PEOPLE want to have done (as opposed to the solutions looking for problems that we educators / designers / fill-in-blank love to tweet and blog about).

EdStartup101 Introduction

Oh, my ... it has been almost a year since I posted on my blog. I spent a few hours updating my drupal installation (yes ... I'm still challenging myself to keep it up ... for now) ... and fired up my camera phone and created this introduction. Back to school I go ...

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